Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our class FAQ page!

Here you will find answers to common questions about our Salsa & Bachata classes, including information on what to wear, what to expect, and how to get the most out of your experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, we’re here to help you learn and enjoy the exciting world of Latin dancing. We are passionate about teaching Salsa & Bachata and are committed to creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all our students. 

Note: We reserve the right to admission.

How can I sign up for the class?

Our Salsa & Bachata Beginner Batches start every 2 months and enrollments open 10 – 15 days prior to the start date.

To ensure a spot in our limited-capacity classes, we only accept online prepaid enrollments and cannot accommodate walk-ins. The batch start date will be posted on our Website, Instagram, and Facebook, so be sure to follow us to stay updated.

I don’t have a partner. Can I join the classes?

Absolutely! You’re more than welcome to join our classes as an individual. We have a partner rotation system in place, which means that every student will have the opportunity to dance with a partner. This not only helps you improve your dance skills but also allows you to meet new people and have fun on the dance floor. So don’t worry about coming alone – we’ve got you covered!

Do I need any previous dance experience to start learning Salsa or Bachata?

You don’t need any prior dance experience to join our Beginner courses. Our classes are designed to teach Salsa / Bachata from the very basics, so anyone can start learning with us. We welcome everyone to come and join us on this exciting journey.

What if I miss a class?

We’ve got a few options to help you catch up the missed class:

  1. We provide videos of the steps covered in the class on the class group, so you can watch and practice at your own pace.
  2. In the next class, I usually spend some time revising the steps from the previous class, so you can get up to speed.
  3. You may also attend a class in the next batch for revision and extra practice.

Is there a dress code? And what shoes to wear?

While there is no specific dress code for our classes, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing that allows for unrestricted movement.

As outdoor footwear is not allowed on the studio dance floor, we suggest wearing socks for smooth movements. Furthermore, gym shoes are not ideal for Salsa dancing as they provide too much grip, which can hinder turns and spins.

What is the difference between Salsa & Bachata?

Salsa and Bachata are both Latin dance styles, but they have distinct differences in terms of their music, rhythm, and steps.

Salsa is a fast-paced, upbeat dance style that originated in Cuba and is characterized by its sharp, staccato movements and emphasis on musicality.

Bachata, on the other hand, is a slower, more romantic dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by its smooth, fluid movements and close partner connection. Bachata music has a slower tempo and a romantic, ballad-like feel.

While both dances have their own unique style and flavor, they are both popular choices for social dancing and are often enjoyed together at Latin dance events.

What will be taught in the Beginner Level?

During the 2-month beginner program, we will teach you the essential footwork, partnerwork, and lead and follow techniques needed for Salsa / Bachata. By the end of the program, you will be able to dance without relying on pre-planned choreography.

Do you have any specific requirements for joining your classes such as age or body type?

People of all ages can learn to dance Salsa and Bachata. However, we take students over the age of 16 in our classes as our usual student base is between 25 to 40. While there is no upper limit on age, we do advise those with any health concerns to take note of the intensity of our advanced classes.

We do not have any specific requirements for body type, but please keep in mind that these dances are physically demanding, so it’s important to ensure that you are fit to dance comfortably for at least two hours. If you have any injury, please consult your doctor before joining the classes. 

I am a Dancer, can I join the Intermediate Level directly?

While having a background in dance can be advantageous when learning Salsa, it’s important to note that Salsa is a progressive course with a specific set of fundamental footwork and partnerwork. Therefore, starting from the very basics is crucial for everyone, regardless of prior experience.

What is your Refund Policy?

We offer an exclusive opportunity for our students to attend all of our beginner-level classes (for the dance form you’ve signed up for) at no extra cost for one year from the day of fee payment. In case you’re not able to attend the batch you’ve enrolled for, you can continue with the next batch. 

However, if you’re unable to continue your classes due to reasons such as health issues or relocation to a different city or country (valid proof required), we’ll refund the amount paid for the remaining classes, after deducting the fee for the classes already attended.